Our Opportunities

More Local Control

Changing from a strong mayor form of government under Dillon’s Rule to Home Rule would provide Rapid City with more local control, and less dependency on the State for how we govern.

Faster Response

A Home Rule government would allow the City to respond faster in times of crisis (example COVID – two readings of an emergency ordinance were required before new measures could be implemented). While it is important to take time to review matters and laws going into effect, it is also important to be able to act quickly in a crisis such as COVID-19 or Winter Storm Atlas.

Increase Voter Input

Switching to a Home Rule form of government would allow us to restructure the City Council composition and create a few at-large positions. This would increase voter input by allowing a vote for ward-specific members and at-large members.

Professionally Trained and Educated Management

Having the ability to hire a city manager would provide for a professionally trained and educated manager to oversee the day-to-day operations, administration of public services, and management of the City budget. Currently, there is no job description for Mayor in Rapid City. The election requirements currently are 50 signatures in order to be placed on the ballot, 18 years of age, being a registered voter and non-felon, and then receiving a majority of the vote.