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Rapid City Home Rule Committee

Home Rule is an opportunity for communities to gain independence from state control. Rapid City is currently limited to what is authorized and what is prohibited by state statutes and court rulings. "One-size-fits-all" approaches limit Rapid City's ability to address issues and progress in a timely and relevant manner. Home Rule would keep decisions local. 

Home Rule can be complicated, and that's why we will be talking with dozens of groups and hundreds of residents to help you understand this critical issue. We will be hosting educational forums across the city where you can learn about Home Rule and have your questions answered. 

Frequently Asked Questions Ask a Question

How will Home Rule allow the City to respond to new challenges?

When the City needs to respond to a crisis or a need unique to the citizens of Rapid City, currently the City might have to wait until the next legislative session for a law to be passed which would allow the City to act. The wait could be months. Under Home Rule, assuming an action is not already clearly prohibited by state law or city charter, the city could act more quickly.

What is the greatest impact Home Rule will have?

The greatest impact of Home Rule is allowing Rapid City more freedom to decide how it will carry out its duties and responsibilities, so long as its action is not prohibited by state law or city charter.